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Zero‑Knowledge security without seed phrases or backup codes

The easy-to-integrate Bunkyr API provides reliable, secure, and familiar recovery options to cryptocurrency wallets and other encrypted applications, without compromising on user experience.

Defense-grade hardware

Secure cryptographic hardware generates keys from request-time inputs. Keys are never stored.


Simple and fast account recovery using social sign-in means end users never see a Bunkyr webpage.


Lightweight API and comprehensive documentation makes integration simple. Get direct support from Bunkyr's engineering team.

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Non-custodial account recovery as easy as a normal password reset

Traditional methods to protect your users' assets can be confusing and risky for your customers. With Bunkyr, replace unwieldy and insecure recovery codes with something as easy as a social sign-in.

Users can easily recover encrypted assets without your systems ever having offline access

Limit your breach risk and give users ownership of their assets, without the burden of a seed phrase

Don't ask users to store recovery codes for years

Printed codes and mnemonics are prone to loss, or worse - they can fall into the hands of an attacker

Encryption keys generated from three distributed shares

Bunkyr never has access to user data and never stores keys

Datacenter-hosted cryptographic hardware generates a user's backup keys at request-time. Keys can only be generated if the end user, your systems, and Bunkyr all provide their portion of the key-derivation information.

Randomized user identifiers and zero user data, ever

Defense-grade cryptographic hardware

Reliable and scalable cloud-based SaaS API

Redundant and fault-tolerant distributed hardware

Stay focused on your product,
let Bunkyr handle the security

With just a few simple calls to the Bunkyr API, you can greatly limit your data breach exposure, ensure compliance with privacy regulations, and strengthen customer trust. Reduce the frequency of costly support calls due to lost passwords.

Security offloaded to the cloud
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Zero-Knowledge for everyone

Security that's easy for developers and friendly to users means your customers' assets and data stay protected without all the complexity and risk.

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