Bunkyr raises over $1M to bring frictionless security to developers and end users

Announcing our pre-seed round with participation from Y Combinator, Soma Capital, Protocol Labs, Justin Kan, and others

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We’re incredibly excited to share the news about our pre-seed investment round, raising over $1M from amazing investors including Y Combinator, Soma Capital, Protocol Labs, Justin Kan, and several others. Bunkyr is tackling the fundamental impacts on user experience and developer productivity that come with higher-security architectures like end-to-end encryption and Zero-Knowledge, and this funding will enable us to further develop and deliver our first set of products to help solve these trade-offs for solo developers and large companies alike.

We’ve recently launched our public API documentation, and are currently gathering feedback from customers via our pilot program. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out via email or by scheduling a demo directly on our calendar.

We’ll have some more exciting announcements and content released over the coming weeks - follow our social media pages or subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this page!

More about Bunkyr

The first problem that we’re addressing is one faced by millions of users every day: what happens to your data when you forget your password or lose access to your authorized device? The most common answer to this is that, at some level, the service you’re using has access to all your data even when you’re not logged in, and can simply restore access once you’ve verified your identity (via email verification, etc.); however, this means that the service provider themselves are at risk of losing your data to attackers.

The current solution to this problem is extremely secure but also has drawbacks - the service you’re using never has access to your data (it’s either all stored encrypted with something like your password, or stored entirely on your devices), but if you forget your password or lose your device, all of your data is lost forever. Because the service never had access to it in the first place, it cannot restore your access.

Bunkyr’s unique approach to solving these problems is rooted in our team’s wide-ranging software and hardware engineering expertise. By combining incredibly developer-friendly APIs with defense-grade cryptographic hardware, our products can be extremely secure and fast. We can do all this while remaining invisible to the end users - with just a simple sign-in with a social login provider (Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.), users can finally be protected against both data breaches and lost passwords.