Bunkyr launches Key Generation API

Announcing the public availability of our software-backed recovery encryption keys to power account recovery for non-custodial applications

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  • 2 minutes

Bunkyr’s Key Generation API is live!

We’re incredibly excited to share that our Key Generation API is now available to the public.

With this new API, we are empowering companies to:

  • Give users non-custodial recovery with our distributed keys that offer exceptional security while giving users control over their data and assets
  • Onboard new customers much more quickly and prevent user churn by eliminating cumbersome seed phrases, backup codes, and the risk a user will lose their assets or data
  • Spend less time and resources on support for lost accounts by adding a reliable, secure, and automated recovery method via our API
  • Control the UX with our user-transparent API and growing list of social login integrations

To get started, we have released our Basic Plan, starting at $0.02/month per key (first 1000 keys free). Check out the details on our pricing page*, or schedule a call with one of the founders to see a demo and receive a free API key.

*Volume discounts and early adopter deals are available

Other exciting updates

We’ve released some great updates to our API documentation to help you get started, including an interactive Postman collection demo and updated diagrams. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you’d like a free API key to our development sandbox!

Finally, our Premium Plan is coming in Q1 of 2023, and features defense-grade hardware to secure recovery keys against even the most sophisticated of attacks. If you’re interested, consider joining the waitlist to be the first to get access.

Stay tuned

We have some exciting new content and announcements coming including pre-release access to our premium plan, make sure to stay in the loop on our Twitter or LinkedIn, or by signing up for our newsletter below.