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Hardware Advantage

Paranoid-level security

Hardware-backed keys are tied to a specific set of cryptographically unique hardware instances. This means that, in order to compromise a single key, an attacker would have to gain access to the exact instance of hardware used to generate a specific key, in addition to compromising all three parties involved in key generation to provide the correct inputs.

Transient key share

Using hardware-backed keys allows Bunkyr to forgo any storage of a key share. Because the hardware modules are a black-box even to us, we cannot even retrieve our portion of the key generation information without inputs from the other parties.

Geographically distributed

Our hardware instances are distributed to ensure extremely low latency and disaster prevention for customers anywhere around the world.

Redundant instances

Each key is tied to a set of multiple hardware instances, so there is no loss of a key or service interruption even if an instance fails.